Bear falls through ceiling into kid’s birthday party, eats all the cake — Metro

A bear randomly fell through the ceiling of a child’s birthday party – and proceeded to eat all of the cake. The juvenile male black bear came crashing through the Alaskan family’s skylight, straight into the party of an infant called Jackson. 222 more words

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How a Strange Internet Glitch Turned This Kansas Farm into a Digital Hell — Discover

“But instead of being a place of respite, the people who live on Joyce Taylor’s land find themselves in a technological horror story.” At Fusion, Kashmir Hill uncovers what happens when IP mapping goes very wrong.

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Skopje’s ‘Colourful Revolution’: Fighting Tyranny with Street Art — Discover

Travel blogger Darmon Richter chronicles the Colourful Revolution, aka “the ridiculously photogenic revolution happening in Macedonia right this minute.”

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Because some people have been asking to know a little bit more about me. So here I am with the wife on Hitching Day. A long, long time ago… and yeah the quality of the shot isn’t very good. The shot has aged over the years.


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I was working on a short story when I happened across the Daily Post whose prompt-subject matter was Empty. Now I’ve had a lot of personal experience with Empty over the course of my life, both the good kind, and the bad kind. So I thought I’d make a post about that and turned out this poem at lunch. Hope you enjoy it.

Have a good day folks.


I once was empty, full of naught
By calculation, mind and thought

I once was empty, hollowed out
Melancholy, heart in doubt

I once was empty, fearless, cold
My fury made me endless bold

I once was empty, cast alone
It sharpened me so I was honed

I once was empty, bleak despair
My atmosphere a poisoned air

I once was empty, of myself
That was joy I could regale

I once was empty, God was gone
Why had He…

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Pirkei Avot

Free Java Jolt Ship Lecture | News Release | Torpedo Factory Art Center by @jetsetjiles

Photo © Old Town Post

Saturday, June 25

10:00 AM – Noon

Torpedo Factory Art Center, First Floor

105 North Union Street

By examining the wood and iron fastenings from the ship, excavated from 220 South Union Street last winter, the speaker illustrates how deep draft cargo vessels were constructed, repaired, and beached and broken during the 18th century in the Mid-Atlantic. Emphasis is placed upon historic documents relating to Alexandria during the 18th century as well as the story the timbers tell.

Jason Lunze is a maritime archaeologist who holds a Master’s degree from the University of Southern Denmark. He has practical experience recording ships timbers and fastenings on several European sites. His thesis from the University of Southern Denmark, Time Aboard The Swedish Warship Vasa 1628, is available online:

Sponsored by the Friends of Alexandria Archaeology (FOAA)

Free, but reservations are required 703.746.4399

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Look Not For a Golden Age But For Gold In an Age…

Well and truly observed…

Wandering Near Sawtry

Conservatives, reactionaries and even old-school socialists are often accused of Golden Ageism – that is, romanticising the past while lamenting the present. It can be a fair point. The past could be a brutal place. The present can be preferable. Yet I think there is a more sensible attitude: that we have abandoned aspects of our inheritance that could have enhanced the best of our present conditions. One does not have to ignore the fact that the patriotism of past generations was pressed into service in cruel and merciless conflicts to believe that it could promote togetherness in our more peaceful time. One need not overlook the fact that past families faced the tragic and almost inevitable deaths of ailing children to believe that a united and responsible parental unit can aid kids in our more prosperous and sanitary era. I accept that I am simplifying complicated problems, as it…

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That Perfect Photograph — Discover

“Your face, madam. I’ve removed all the black marks. The photo looks clean now.” What is the perfect photograph: the one that’s the most “beautiful,” or the one that’s the most real?

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Sweary links #20

Strong Language

Linguist John McWhorter, the new host of the Slate podcast Lexicon Valley, chats with Benjamin K. Bergen about why so many swear words are monosyllabic. (We’ve already preordered Bergen’s new book, What the F: What Swearing Reveals About Our Language, Our Brains, and Ourselves.)

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I’m all for wives submitting to their husbands. Assuming of course the husband is in the Right. I am all for wives revolting against their husbands, assuming the husband is in the wrong and the wife is in the Right.

Whoever is in the Right, that is who the other should be submitting to. And both should be submitting to the Right and both revolting against the wrong. That is how it should always be in every possible case.

Both should be operating at all times to discover what is the Highest Right and who is best representing it at any given moment. And what is the most common wrong and both should be revolting and repenting of that.

As for Love between both husband and wife that should just be naturally assumed and subsumed in both partners.

As for Paul, he was only a man and only a Saint. He was not the Lord, nor was he God. And even Jesus never talked (in the Bible at least) exhaustively on all subjects, or even on any subject. That is both the glory of language (that some measure of real Truth can be transmitted by it to some degree) and the failure and limitation of language (that words are only words and can only transmit small measures of the actual and complete Truth). No word ever encompasses the True and Complete definition of a thing, and no group of Words ever details the entire Truth. If it did then it wouldn’t be a word or language, it would be Truth itself. But it isn’t, it’s just language.

So in his defense I have read enough of the Bible, even in the original languages (such as Hebrew and Greek) to know that no man (Paul, for instance, or Moses, or Ezekiel, or Enoch, or whomever) will ever say everything about all subjects in just the perfect way to satisfy everyone. All Biblical writers state some things outright and assume (given their audience) the reader will assume others – in context. And taking specific verses from the Bible or from a book of the Bible without reading the entire book or line of argument (or even remembering that most people in the world only read a translation of the original, which in itself is problematic) is equivalent to taking a couple of lines from the Odyssey and trying to deduce what route Odysseus will eventually take to sail home.

Citizen Tom

marriageWhen we try to solve the problems of this world, we quite naturally preoccupy ourselves with what others are doing wrong, but that is the way of the world. That is not the way of the Christian. The Good News is Jesus Christ has saved us, not that we know how to save others. Therefore, we point to His work, not our own.

So how did I get to this thought? What is the cause of this post? When I commented on insanitybytes22 post (here), The Apostle Paul loved women…, OKRickety replied. Thus, we all began in a little debate.

What did have to say? Well, there is much more, but here is how he started. He begins by quoting from my comment.

  • OKRicketysaid:                                          June 23, 2016 at 12:45 pm


    “What is the supposed problem? Paul tells wives to submit to their husbands as to the…

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The More We Have, The Less Easily We Are Impressed

Indeed. And well observed.

For the first time in 200 years, scientists will enter Jerusalem’s Holy Rock, said to be Christ’s tomb — National Post

A team of conservationists will restore the collapsing chapel built above and around the cave where the faithful believe that Jesus was buried and rose from the dead

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The Infancy Narrative of Moses: Part 2

New “Google of the Bible” Site Has Gone Live — ResearchBuzz: Firehose

A site which calls itself the “Google of the Bible” (with Google’s permission!) has gone live. “The online Bible is the fruit of five years of work by a team of 10 researchers who wanted to make not only the Bible itself, but also biblical commentary, scholarly articles, and religious lessons accessible through a user-friendly […]

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Mapping… — Along The Line

This is what I do on my day off . Mapping for my death in the Landscape project. Maps show alot of things, churches, service stations, monuments, etc. My map will show the spot where I have taken my photos. This is where people have died and shrines have been put up. I’m still trying […]

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Crusader Corner: 7 Myths of the Crusades

The Tactical Hermit


Spearheaded by the likes of Obama.

Editor’s note: The following book review of Seven Myths of the Crusades by Alfred J. Andrea and Andrew Holt, eds., first appeared in the Summer 2016 issue of the Middle East Quarterly and was written by Raymond Ibrahim, a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

As the editors make clear in their preface, Seven Myths of the Crusades is presented as an antidote to the “outpouring of exaggerations, misperceptions, errors, misrepresentations, and fabrications” that proliferate in popular discourse about the Crusades. In the course of seven chapters, each written by a specialist and supported by scholarly notes and fresh research, this short primer examines and exposes the many anachronisms around the Crusades.

Andrea, professor emeritus, University of Vermont, and Holt of Florida State College make their basic assumption clear from the outset stating that the

notion that medieval people…

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The Cave/Grotto of Paul and Thecla at Ephesus — HolyLandPhotos’ Blog

One of the most interesting early extra–biblical stories is the one of Paul and Thecla (2nd century A.D.; Thecla is said to have been a female companion of Paul and eventually [for most of her life] a respected preacher of the Christian faith). At Ephesus there is a not–too–frequently–visited cave sometimes called “The Grotto of […]

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Tome and Tomb

I thoroughly enjoyed the Battle of the Bastards.

Though Bolton should have been flayed alive, especially after having put an arrow through the eye of the giant. I had much hoped the giant would live. Of course I knew he would not. As I knew the Knights of the Vale would arrive too late for Jon’s Army to be fully preserved. It is Martin after all.

The dogs were a fine ending I thought, for Bolton, but he should have been flayed alive by the survivors of the men he murdered, both those of his own army and of Jon’s forces. Then set Bolton afire and burn all of the banners of the Flayed Man with his corpse and never speak of him, his house, or such a banner ever again.

I also very much enjoyed the way Dany dealt with the Slaving Fleet. And the Slave Lords.


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Off Course — Discover

Excellent read.

“For all my life, for sixty years, I had just assumed that I had nothing of my father in me.” Stephen Harrigan uncovers the life of a father he never knew: a World War II pilot who died in a plane crash in 1948.

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• A Moment Between Sisters •

My daughters would like this…

Craftsmanship — Discover

Personally I am very big on craftsmanship. Craftsmanship of the mind, of the soul, of the spirit, of the hand and the eye.

I recommend this online magazine, though I regret that so many good sources like this do not allow you to automatically share their individual articles to WordPress.

That is a completely unnecessary and highly unproductive oversight.

Craftsmanship explores the ethos of craftsmanship in its widest sense. The magazine publishes stories about the most interesting people in the world who work intensely with their hands, from famous masters to new creators.

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All of these people died in faith without receiving the promises, but they saw the promises from a distance and welcomed them. They confessed that they were strangers and immigrants on earth.  

People who say this kind of thing make it clear that they are looking for a homeland.


If they had been thinking about the country that they had left, they would have had the opportunity to return to it.  But at this point in time, they are longing for a better country, that is, a heavenly one.

Therefore, God isn’t ashamed to be called their God—he has prepared a habitation for them.


Now once Solomon finished building the Lord’s temple, the royal palace, and everything else he wanted to accomplish,  the Lord appeared to him a second time in the same way he had appeared to him at Gibeon.

The Lord said to him, “I have heard your prayer and your cry to me. I have set apart this temple that you built, to put my name there forever. My eyes and my heart will always be there.  


As for you, if you walk before me just as your father David did, with complete dedication and honesty, and if you do all that I have commanded, and keep my regulations and case laws,  then I will establish your royal throne over Israel forever, just as I promised your father David, ‘You will never fail to have a successor on the throne of Israel.’

However, if you or your sons turn away from following me and don’t observe the commands and regulations that I gave you, and go to serve other gods, and worship them,  then I will remove Israel from the land I gave them and I will reject the temple that I dedicated for my name. Israel will become a joke, insulted by everyone.  

Everyone who passes by this temple, so lofty now, will be shocked and will whistle, wondering, Why has the Lord done such a thing to this land and this temple?

The answer will come: Because they deserted the Lord their God, who brought their ancestors out of Egypt’s land. They embraced other gods, worshiping and serving them. That is why the Lord brought all this disaster on them.”

Tesla Model X features, storage capacity & more!

Detroit: The Time Capsule

And there ya go.

peeling walls

House McAllister features 8-tracks and margarita glasses on the shelf, a decorative clock on the wall, retro electronics, and a calendar in the bathroom from 1980.

Coleman Young, now deceased, was the mayor from 1974-1994.  The slogan on this sign dates back to 1985.

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Benton Harbor: Mercy Hospital

Right up my alley…

peeling walls

Gorgeous on the outside, but a bit mushy and spidery on the inside.


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Indochina: A Journey Through Time – Chapter One

Pursuit of Adventure 2015-


Adventure is a word which encapsulates so many emotions at once. It’s frightening, it’s beguiling, it’s exhilarating, it’s astonishing. It’s the moment when your heart beats faster than ever as you step into the unknown, swept up in a tide of discovery. It’s the day that you wake up in a new place as a stranger and go to sleep that night as a local. It’s the journey you take to learn more about a country, its people and most of all, yourself.

It’s a word which perfectly describes a trip that took me further than I’d ever been before: Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, three countries rich in history and stunning natural beauty, yet affected by different forms of conflict in recent times. For me, this was uncharted territory: my first time in Asia, and my first major trip to a place without any grasp of its language.


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Wise observations…

My Notebook


My biggest fear is wasting my life.

I’m afraid that I’ll reach the end of my life and I will have done nothing but exist. That somehow because of fear, indecision, or complacency I will miss out on leaving my mark on the world. That I won’t accomplish all the things I want to do. That life will pass by without me growing, changing, creating something breathtakingly beautiful. That I’ll end up in a retirement home without an amazing life to look back on and write about. That somehow I’ll die before having expressed the passions inside me; without ever having loved fully; without doing the things that I’m afraid to; that when I look back on life it’ll all be shades of gray instead of the rainbow of possibilities that it looks like now.

I’m young now. Life is ripe with possibilities. I have enough time left (if all…

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A lovely Autumn adventure at Babylonstoren … — AvontuurTier

On a lovely autumn day we decided to (finally) visit the beautiful Babylonstoren Garden … And what a magical experience it was! The road leading to the gardens winds through the winelands and I couldn’t help but read every single name of the wine farms next to the road out loud. We were met with big […]

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Twitter briefly suspends conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos

never forget your past

I am not at all a fan of communism, actually I worked to help destroy it in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. I’d still love to see it completely eradicated from places like China. Hell, I’d like to eradicate it the world over. Just to be honest.

That being said places like this should be preserved by turning them into something useful. Though you gotta admit, it makes one helluvah Vadding venue. And I love Vadding.

Really nice post with some incredible pics.

In a Search of Balance

One of communist Bulgaria’s most famous remnants is the Buzludzha monument, sitting atop the historical namesake peak. The UFO shaped building, opened in 1981, is little more than a ruin nowadays, but it still attracts thousands of people with its unusual architecture, unique location, and the symbol it’s become to how we handle our past. That’s how it looks from afar and below is the view from up close.


I tend to agree with that one. It’s a shame it’s been left to deteriorate (by the democrats of the 90s who decided to distance themselves from the past) and little has been done to preserve the heritage, it could be such an incredible museum for instance. There are ideas and plans to restore it, but let’s see how far they go. Technically you’re not supposed to go in, but there’s ways to get around that…


The main atrium… what a…

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Actually I am not at all in favor of permanent tattoos.

However I do find things like temporary tattoos and henna decoration (it has to be well done) very attractive on females. From time to time anyway. Just depends on how it is done and where on the body and how often.


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Learning To Say “No” To Opportunity

Sharing Reality with Students Interested in Pro Sports


One of the ways I try to make instruction more relevant for students is making strong connections between school and the future – especially to college and the workplace. I know, many people feel that education isn’t just be about getting into a good college or getting a job. But, the reality is many students will someday go to some sort of post-secondary institution and probably everyone will have a job of some kind. How can it hurt to connect to that reality once in a while?

If you want to see my thoughts on this issue in more detail, see my book (gratuitous book plug!).

Anyhow, I usually have a project each year where I have my 8th graders explore their strengths and interests, daydream a little about their dream future, fill in college applications, create resumes and cover letters and even conduct mock interviews.

One year, while…

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Why All Girls Are Players- Even If They Don’t Know It

Rosie Culture

“Boys will be boys” is a frequently used phrase – but no one ever really talks about how girls will be girls.

Girls are taught at a young age how to get what they want. We are told that when boys are mean, they like us. We are told that being pretty will get you pretty far in life. So do your hair, put on your make up, and always look your best. We are taught that we hold a special power of men – you just have to figure it out.

And although we are still often treated as the lesser sex, we do hold a lot of power. A lot of us have learned to harness that power in order to not be the lesser sex.

Yet the boys that will be boys are always the ones that are called out for playing games. For being a player, a…

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10 Classic Movie Scenes: Jordan’s Take

Jordan and Eddie (The Movie Guys)

Mulholland Drive Silencio Mulholland Drive comes to a powerful standstill once Silenco starts

10 Classic Movie Scenes: Jordan’s Take

Great movies are defined by great scenes.

Some make us cheer, others cry, but all of them remain in our thoughts once the curtain has closed on the surrounding journey.

There are some that stand out above all others, such as the big reveals in The Empire Strikes Back and The Usual Suspects, Psycho’s ground-breaking shower murder and the Joker laying waste to a hospital in The Dark Knight, but below are 10 examples that mean more to me personally, helping to shape what I love about films and representing their respective titles with aplomb.

Happy reading and happy watching.

(please note, possible spoilers ahead)

For Eddie’s take on 10 Classic Movie Scenes click here.

10. Cool Hand Luke (1967) – Luke in mourning

Luke takes to his bunk with banjo in tow…

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Enchanted Forests

The Vast and Extensive Himalayas cast a Unique Magical Spell in the tiny Himalayan state of Sikkim, India.

Unlike in their Northern extremity in  Ladakh, J&K , India  ( please see previous blogs on LADAKH titled HIMALAYAN WONDER, NATURE UNLEASHED etc to compare) here they adorn Robes of Green as Lush Enchanted Forests cover the Himalayas.

enchanting forest Enchanting Forest

Cool Mountain Streams Bubble through the Steep Himalyan Slopes to meet the mighty River Teesta which divides Sikkim from West Bengal.

himalayan stream 2 Gurgling and Gushing with Excitement

A Closer look through the Dense Foliage of the Enchanting Himalayan Forest near the Rumtek Monastery ( about 30 kms from Gangtok)  in Sikkim reveals a Fast Flowing Rivulet bouncing and winding its way through these gorgeous surroundings.

through the trees A Peep through the Trees

Take the time out to be embalmed by the beauty of Nature and discover her Enchanting Spells.

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The Lost Battalion: 554 American Heroes

The Herodotus History Blog

In October 1918, as World War One drew to a close, the fighting was still fierce. The bloody, brutal deadlock of the trenches was no longer a problem, but the Germans still refused to surrender.
Advancing through the Argonne region of France, Allied forces became split up. The French stalled, facing problems with logistics and German attacks. The Americans, meanwhile, were unaware of the sudden absence of their allies and kept advancing. Cutting themselves off from help, 554 American soldiers of the 307th and 308th Infantry Regiments (both part of the 77th Infantry Division), led by Major Charles Whittesley (whose superiors belittled him as “a New York lawyer”), walked straight into a large German force, and was forced to hold out on its own for six whole days, from the 2nd-8th October, without resupplies of food or ammunition. Water could only be reached by crawling through barbed wire and risking enemy fire…

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What China’s Leaders Want Us to Forget About Tiananmen

The China Girls

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed at 2 am on June 4, when I saw an article on “12 Photos From the Tiananmen Square Protests China Wants You to Forget.” Most of the photos were of things like burning tanks, bloody students, bodies in the streets. Scenes of confrontation and conflict, students vs. soldiers.

Images like these were what I had always pictured when thinking of the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests. Images of the crackdown. Of Tank Man. Of student hunger strikers sitting in the square, strips of cloth marked with slogans wrapped around their heads, cloth shoes on their feet.

This was how I thought of Tiananmen until last year, when I found a black film canister inside an old shoebox I had inherited from my parents. Inside were photos that my uncle, an art student in Beijing, had taken in the weeks before the…

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