The Infancy Narrative of Moses: Part 2

All Around the Western Front

childrens Bible--baby-moses-saved-from-the-riverPart Two: The Infancy Narrative of Moses and Origins.

Taking a look at the Moses narrative, secular scholars have attempted to shut the case of Moses very quickly by dismissing the infancy narrative. In an account written on Cuneiform texts discovered in the same library as the epic of Gilgamesh give a stirring account that is very similar to that of the infancy narrative of Moses.[1] Werner Keller in his book The Bible as History gives this account of  Sargon:

“I am Sargon, the powerful king, the king of Akkad. My mother was an Enitu priestess and bore me in secret. She put me in a little bod made of reeds, sealing its lid with pitch. She put me in the river… The river carried me away and brought me to Akki the drawer of water. Akki the drawer of water adopted me and brought me up as his…

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