The More We Have, The Less Easily We Are Impressed

Indeed. And well observed.

Jacki Kellum Juxtapositions: Read My Mind

Little White Church, Chapel, Steeple, Church Bell

When I was a child, I would often hear someone singing, “Give Me that Old Time Religion,” but I rarely hear that song anymore. Most people have given up on religion entirely now, or they have shifted their interests to a newer, more modern way to worship. For most people, the old time religion went out with the wringer washers, and I am not sure that we are better situated.


Several months ago, I wrote about the time that I visited Guatemala at Easter time. Guatemala is a natural paradise, but most of its citizens are very poor.

Chichicastenango_Market (1)

If I had visited Guatemala any time other than when I did, I would have had difficulty saying what I loved most about the country. But my visit was during Easter, and Providence provided me a front row spot, where I witnessed the most incredible display of devotion that I have ever…

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