I’m all for wives submitting to their husbands. Assuming of course the husband is in the Right. I am all for wives revolting against their husbands, assuming the husband is in the wrong and the wife is in the Right.

Whoever is in the Right, that is who the other should be submitting to. And both should be submitting to the Right and both revolting against the wrong. That is how it should always be in every possible case.

Both should be operating at all times to discover what is the Highest Right and who is best representing it at any given moment. And what is the most common wrong and both should be revolting and repenting of that.

As for Love between both husband and wife that should just be naturally assumed and subsumed in both partners.

As for Paul, he was only a man and only a Saint. He was not the Lord, nor was he God. And even Jesus never talked (in the Bible at least) exhaustively on all subjects, or even on any subject. That is both the glory of language (that some measure of real Truth can be transmitted by it to some degree) and the failure and limitation of language (that words are only words and can only transmit small measures of the actual and complete Truth). No word ever encompasses the True and Complete definition of a thing, and no group of Words ever details the entire Truth. If it did then it wouldn’t be a word or language, it would be Truth itself. But it isn’t, it’s just language.

So in his defense I have read enough of the Bible, even in the original languages (such as Hebrew and Greek) to know that no man (Paul, for instance, or Moses, or Ezekiel, or Enoch, or whomever) will ever say everything about all subjects in just the perfect way to satisfy everyone. All Biblical writers state some things outright and assume (given their audience) the reader will assume others – in context. And taking specific verses from the Bible or from a book of the Bible without reading the entire book or line of argument (or even remembering that most people in the world only read a translation of the original, which in itself is problematic) is equivalent to taking a couple of lines from the Odyssey and trying to deduce what route Odysseus will eventually take to sail home.

Citizen Tom

marriageWhen we try to solve the problems of this world, we quite naturally preoccupy ourselves with what others are doing wrong, but that is the way of the world. That is not the way of the Christian. The Good News is Jesus Christ has saved us, not that we know how to save others. Therefore, we point to His work, not our own.

So how did I get to this thought? What is the cause of this post? When I commented on insanitybytes22 post (here), The Apostle Paul loved women…, OKRickety replied. Thus, we all began in a little debate.

What did have to say? Well, there is much more, but here is how he started. He begins by quoting from my comment.

  • OKRicketysaid:                                          June 23, 2016 at 12:45 pm


    “What is the supposed problem? Paul tells wives to submit to their husbands as to the…

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