The Power of Online Communities and how to build one!

Delivering value in the digital age

Every day – every hour – every minute, a new company goes online. Either for selling their products and services online, showing appearance online or increasing their brand awareness. But not all of these companies are successful with their online marketing strategy. One of the main reasons firms succeed whereas others fail is that they believe of their online customers not as “pixels on the screen” but as existing people with real pains, needs and interests. These firms understand the dynamics of online communities, how people interact online and how to build relationships with them.


Building an online community is a necessary part of being effective in the World Wide Web. The stronger your community is, the more likely your online business will succeed. Brand communities have become the holy grail for many organizations as they apparently provide a loyal base of customers who are willing to spend money. The…

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Four Days at Saturn – Cassini full-frame video

In the Wake of Captain Cook

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“Ambition leads me not only farther than any other man has been before me, but as far as I think it possible for man to go.” ― James Cook

From the beginning of my time with NASA’s Space Launch System, I’ve been putting together presentations with some version of this chart — a picture of one of the ships Captain James Cook used in his voyages of exploration.

But as many times as I’ve seen it, today was special.

Cook has been a touchstone for the SLS Program, and has been for NASA for years. Two space shuttles, Discovery and Endeavour*, shared names with ships used by Cook. It’s easy to draw parallels between Cook and the work we’re doing:

Cook’s ships were robust vessels, which allowed him to take the same ships anywhere from the Antarctic to the tropics (and, in other lives, they were merchant ships or…

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Obama’s Police State vs. NASA’s Mission for Mankind

LaRouche Irish Brigade


On October 16, a Chinese Long March 2F rocket boosted two astronauts, or “taikonauts,” into orbit for a planned month-long stay aboard the Tiangong-2, or the Heavenly Palace-2, space station module. Tiangong-2 is China’s second experimental space station module, an upgraded habitat with improved life support systems, power, communications and research equipment. China is preparing to build a permanent new space station, to be completed by 2022.

The exciting reality is that China is now leading and inspiring the world with its scientifically groundbreaking science initiatives. This includes the first quantum satellite, mankind’s return to the surface of the moon in 2013, the most advanced fusion energy experiment, and China’s 2018-2019 project for mankind’s first rover investigation— including sample retrieval and return—of the far side of the moon. China along with Russia and India are publicly offering cooperation with every nation, and most of the nations of this…

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A Different Set of Mini Doors

Art We Wonderful

Wow, do people love doors!

At my shows this summer, there were so many people who declared their love of doors… and then quickly added “I know it’s strange and maybe I’m an oddball”. Actually the people who said nothing about doors were in the small minority.

The doors they were referring to were my Mini pieces of Italian and French doors, mostly rustic with some type of greenery around them. Charming doors. Romantic doors. Historical doors that piqued the curiosity of who might have passed through them over time.

Yet, I’ve been long interested in another type of door. But rather than charming and romantic, it’s usually urban and often controversial – doors marked with graffiti.  They pique my curiosity with many questions too – what’s the motivation behind making these marks, who are these people, and as an artist I wonder about the techniques. I’ve been exposed to a lot of it…

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Street Music


Back to human subjects for a while.

When people come to New Orleans for the first time they immediately head to The French Quarter. And, more specifically, to Bourbon Street. That’s fine. Everybody should do it once. Then, expand your view. Walk around the entire Quarter. It’s roughly 16 blocks. You can see just about everything in a day. Maybe, two. Then, as I always say, get out the Quarter. It’s just one neighborhood in a city of 13 wards that are divided up in local neighborhoods. Even if you like the Quarter enough to want to visit again and again, make it your base. It’s a good one. Hotels are plentiful. There are all sorts of restaurants. There are things to see without making a big adventure out of it.

But, use our transportation system. Get on the streetcars and explore the city. It’s a pretty cool place. If…

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To their knees the fell men bent
Their manhood sold, their courage spent
To herd, en masse, their movements ran
For of them all, the same demand
That everyone should bow and scrape
To each other, no escape
No Rising High, no better god
Submission’s slave and worldly shod
Their only prayer to king or queen
The present age their only dream
Out of their mouths come feckless oaths
From their hands spring deeds to loathe
No shame, no guilt, and no reform
Repentance laboured, and stillborn
Deceit a crown for cunning heads
Their dawn as dark as creeping dread
Their craft disguised, but inward bred
Their soul’s surmise, that “God is Dead
To be replaced with urbane art
The bane cum blessing, bitter hearts
Society their altared grave
To seize and offer what they gave
Back to themselves while it will…

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