never forget your past

I am not at all a fan of communism, actually I worked to help destroy it in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. I’d still love to see it completely eradicated from places like China. Hell, I’d like to eradicate it the world over. Just to be honest.

That being said places like this should be preserved by turning them into something useful. Though you gotta admit, it makes one helluvah Vadding venue. And I love Vadding.

Really nice post with some incredible pics.

In a Search of Balance

One of communist Bulgaria’s most famous remnants is the Buzludzha monument, sitting atop the historical namesake peak. The UFO shaped building, opened in 1981, is little more than a ruin nowadays, but it still attracts thousands of people with its unusual architecture, unique location, and the symbol it’s become to how we handle our past. That’s how it looks from afar and below is the view from up close.


I tend to agree with that one. It’s a shame it’s been left to deteriorate (by the democrats of the 90s who decided to distance themselves from the past) and little has been done to preserve the heritage, it could be such an incredible museum for instance. There are ideas and plans to restore it, but let’s see how far they go. Technically you’re not supposed to go in, but there’s ways to get around that…


The main atrium… what a…

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