Indochina: A Journey Through Time – Chapter One

Pursuit of Adventure 2015-


Adventure is a word which encapsulates so many emotions at once. It’s frightening, it’s beguiling, it’s exhilarating, it’s astonishing. It’s the moment when your heart beats faster than ever as you step into the unknown, swept up in a tide of discovery. It’s the day that you wake up in a new place as a stranger and go to sleep that night as a local. It’s the journey you take to learn more about a country, its people and most of all, yourself.

It’s a word which perfectly describes a trip that took me further than I’d ever been before: Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, three countries rich in history and stunning natural beauty, yet affected by different forms of conflict in recent times. For me, this was uncharted territory: my first time in Asia, and my first major trip to a place without any grasp of its language.


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