Enchanted Forests

The Vast and Extensive Himalayas cast a Unique Magical Spell in the tiny Himalayan state of Sikkim, India.

Unlike in their Northern extremity in  Ladakh, J&K , India  ( please see previous blogs on LADAKH titled HIMALAYAN WONDER, NATURE UNLEASHED etc to compare) here they adorn Robes of Green as Lush Enchanted Forests cover the Himalayas.

enchanting forest Enchanting Forest

Cool Mountain Streams Bubble through the Steep Himalyan Slopes to meet the mighty River Teesta which divides Sikkim from West Bengal.

himalayan stream 2 Gurgling and Gushing with Excitement

A Closer look through the Dense Foliage of the Enchanting Himalayan Forest near the Rumtek Monastery ( about 30 kms from Gangtok)  in Sikkim reveals a Fast Flowing Rivulet bouncing and winding its way through these gorgeous surroundings.

through the trees A Peep through the Trees

Take the time out to be embalmed by the beauty of Nature and discover her Enchanting Spells.

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