10 Classic Movie Scenes: Jordan’s Take

Jordan and Eddie (The Movie Guys)

Mulholland Drive Silencio Mulholland Drive comes to a powerful standstill once Silenco starts

10 Classic Movie Scenes: Jordan’s Take

Great movies are defined by great scenes.

Some make us cheer, others cry, but all of them remain in our thoughts once the curtain has closed on the surrounding journey.

There are some that stand out above all others, such as the big reveals in The Empire Strikes Back and The Usual Suspects, Psycho’s ground-breaking shower murder and the Joker laying waste to a hospital in The Dark Knight, but below are 10 examples that mean more to me personally, helping to shape what I love about films and representing their respective titles with aplomb.

Happy reading and happy watching.

(please note, possible spoilers ahead)

For Eddie’s take on 10 Classic Movie Scenes click here.

10. Cool Hand Luke (1967) – Luke in mourning

Luke takes to his bunk with banjo in tow…

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