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Most modern people spend their entire lives terrified of being seriously hurt and eventually killed. But once you realize that at some point (if not often) you will certainly be seriously hurt, and that one day, without fail, you will eventually be killed (by something or someone), then being terrified is a rather ridiculous conceit. Not to mention an extremely cowardly one.

from Lessons Learned


And when I saw him, I fell at his feet as one dead. And he laid his right hand upon me, saying, 
“Fear not; I am the First and the Last,  and the Living One; and I was dead, and behold, I am alive for evermore, and I have the Keys of Death and power over the World of Death.
 Write therefore the things which thou sawest, and the things which are, and the things which shall come to pass hereafter…”


Contrary to modern popular perception, in games and such, a good part of Wizardry (real Wizardry) is healing and medicine. The Wizard shares that in common with the ancient Monk and Hermit.

The Wizard is engrossed with Life (Bios) and how it actually works. As much, if not more so, than with physics and chemistry and other such fundamental sciences.

The Wizard should seek first to know God, and then he should seek to understand Life, God’s Ultimate Creation.




The things we’ve seen, the things we’ve done, the things that we have been

They’ll last no longer than our flesh, our follies, and our sin

Yet God within us longs to make a profit that shall last

Eternal in its future worth, its present, and its past

Harrow not your worldly deeds with seeds that sprout a day

Hallow rather deep your soul with deeds that long repay

There is no treasure true enough to pass the Door of Death

Except the God within us whose High Spirit will not rest

Driven long to many things a man can many wrongs

Yet God within us longs to build a home where He belongs

I can only say to you what I have learned at last

Let Him dwell within yourself and that shall never pass


Is Heaven static (is everything to be done or enjoyed predetermined or fixed by God), or is it progressive (is it open to being added to and improved upon, etc.)?

(I am not speaking of progressive in the political sense of course, but in the sense of actual and real progress.)

For instance as more and more human souls are added to Heaven (and God only knows what other kinds of creatures and beings) does Heaven expand, and does God allow or even encourage those dwelling there to explore, to discover, to conduct scientific experiments, to create, to do art, to invent and design things, and so forth given the parameters under which Heaven operates? (Which I assume will involve different technologies and physics and biological and operating principles, if those are even the proper terms, than in our world.)

I cannot say for certain but it seems to me, and this is something I have long pondered, that if this world, as imperfect as it is, is open to invention and creation (or at least sub-creation) and experimentation and discovery and exploration and expansion and progress then I can only imagine how open to good and noble progress Heaven will and ought to be.


The point of life is to have fun, and to be a source of enjoyment to others

The point of life is to be absolutely fearless and entirely unafraid

The point of life is to be Heroic and undaunted in personal action

The point of life is to defend and protect the innocent and the helpless and to do Justice

The point of life is to stoically endure personal hardship, to overcome whatever challenges you may face, and to strive to make the world a better place while becoming better and stronger through your suffering and persistence

The point of life is to reduce or beneficially transform the suffering of others

The point of life is to be as independent and self-reliant as possible, while understanding humbly that I am still just one man and limited in capability – and to encourage others to become ever more independent and self-reliant while also empathetically understanding that they too are limited and will sometimes require my aid and assistance

The point of life is to be a true and loyal Friend who brings encouragement and happiness to others

The point of life is to treat all men equally, judging them based upon their actual behavior and conduct, not upon their mere appearances or background

The point of life is to make men Free

The point of life is to assist others in becoming Great and True

The point of life is to pursue Higher and More Permanent Things, not lesser things and petty things

The point of life is to suppress evil, sin, and wrongdoing, both in yourself and in others, and if necessary to destroy evil men and evil things before they may do others harm

The point of life is to do and promote the Good, and to persuade others of the true value of the Good

The point of life is to be a Good Steward of your own money and resources, to grow and invest that money and those resources in noble and worthwhile causes, and to be a Good Steward of the Earth

The point of life is to experiment and explore, and thereby to comprehend and to understand

The point of life is to carefully study and to truly know

The point of life is to build, create, and invent Great Things

The point of life is to be successful at and in the Great Works of your life

The point of life is to be generous to others, to be charitable in giving, and to be philanthropic in your activities

The point of life is to be a Genius in Mind and Psyche, and to make Great and Important Discoveries that will be of benefit to all

The point of life is to be a Polymath and a Renaissance Man, fully developing and using all of my God-given talents and capabilities to the best of my ability, given as much time as I have in this short life

The point of life is to do honor to my ancestors and to exceed and supersede them in all of my accomplishments, and to make a way for my descendants to exceed and supersede me in all of their accomplishments

The point of life is to be a Good Husband and an Excellent Father, and to leave a High Legacy for my Wife, my Children, and all of my descendants

The point of life is to Love Well, and fully, and to see the people and things you love triumph

The point of life is to Serve well at all times, and to lead truly when necessary

The point of life is to be Wise

The point of life is to consider myself less important than others and to sacrifice myself whenever necessary for their real benefit

The point of life is to be Saintly and Virtuous in conduct, and to become a Martyr in both Life and Death

The point of Life is to champion the Nature of Christ in both myself and in others, and to spread the Gospel both overtly and covertly in this world

The point of life is to be a Child of God and a True Friend of God – the kind of Friend to God that he most enjoys the company of

The point of life is for me to die and to go on to explore Other and far Better Worlds

*           *           *

I know all of these things to be True, none to be contradictory to the others, and at one point or another in this life, each to be the most important thing…