How To Embrace Individuality In A Robotic World….


“Embrace your individuality” – I love that phrase and for me, it means having the confidence to be honest with yourself and others and often standing away from the crowd. I recall my granddad frequently telling us as children..

“When you see people walking together toward something, stop for a moment and consider whether you are better to walk in a different direction alone…”

We don’t have to walk in the opposite direction to others, as sometimes it’s only a small shift that is required, to enable us to walk the path that aligns with our personal values and beliefs.

Making that shift, will feel more comfortable than if you tread the path of others when it isn’t fully aligned with your core values…

Let me give you a personal example…

I have been a great believer in the importance of ‘family’… it’s definitely one of my ‘core values’. However, working…

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