Today my youngest daughter starts her senior year homeschooling. (Although each child actually gets 13 years or grades of schooling before college – 12 normal grades and one year of advanced studies and special projects).

My oldest daughter is studying Marine Biology and she is minoring in Psychology but my youngest daughter wants to study Art and Media. Below are her homeschooling curriculum texts for the first semester of this year.

Science: The Biology Book plus the writings of Hippocrates

Religion: Dark Night of the Soul (Saint John of the Cross)

Philosophy: an excellent lecture series on Thomas Aquinas by Peter Kreeft (I took this lecture series myself.)

Literature: the short stories of Tolstoy and Chekhov

Business/Economics/Finance: The Road to Serfdom by Hayek

Mathematics: workbook plus the writings of Euclid 

Art: she will be taking the FA Art and Painting Composition study course and reading from the book Stagecraft

She will also have her labs which will cover art, biology, chess, piano, and she has currently chosen to study Italian and Japanese. (She really likes Italian, and finds it easy, but Japanese she finds much harder than Korean. She says that so far Japanese is the hardest language she has studied or tried to master.)

She will also read one magazine per week and will watch a classic film about once every two weeks.

She will have her special projects for the year which we have yet to decide but will probably center around drama and theater.

Finally she is studying to take the SAT since the new state test hasn’t even returned her results yet and she took that test back in April I believe.


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