Drear Political Party,

Dante Thinks Out Loud


Dear Political Party,

You’re not my friend.

You’re not infallible, you’re not irreplaceable, and rest assured you’re not entitled to my vote.

You’re not a sports team, and I’m not a mindless fan that’s going to overlook every call made against you.

You, like a business, are a tool of the people who support you, not the other way around.

You, like a business, are not a person with feelings whom I can “let down”.

You, like a business, can clean up your act and hopefully win me over in time.

But I’m not obligated to shop there.

I don’t owe you one…

I haven’t decided whether or not to hand you my vote this year. If I don’t, reflect on this:

I didn’t fail you, rather you failed me.

If I’m stuck at a party that I don’t want to be at come November, I’m just…

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