Ministry to the Next Generation and Beyond


The Great Commission lies at the heart of next generation ministry.  Before Jesus ascended into heaven, He commanded his closest followers and friends to go and make disciple of all nations (Matt 28:19-20).  What were these band of brothers to do without their leader?  Thankfully, Jesus had promised to leave his band a Counselor, the Holy Spirit, who would guide them to reach their Master’s goal. 

The Church of the 21st Century is no different than this original band in that The Church has a timeless message to proclaim.  The Church of the past 2000 years has been led of the Spirit to incorporate different methodologies to spread the gospel message over this vast span of time.  Like a spaceship, the 21st century Church has need of God’s Spirit to guide it into new frontiers.  

God’s Spirit can lead the Church to use new tactics to accomplish…

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