Week 27 – Old L.A. Zoo

52 weeks of L.A.

Old Los Angeles Zoo
Location: Griffith Park, near Glendale
Price: Free

I’ve never been to the actual Los Angeles Zoo, but this week I went to where the zoo used to be – a couple miles away in a small section of Griffith Park. Many of the cages and habitats that housed animals until 1965 are still there. This being an old zoo, opened in 1912, the size of the cages is shockingly inhumane compared to what we’re used to at zoos today. It sort of felt like walking through an abandoned Curious George book.

My Experience

I have been very close to the old zoo, and I’ve even sort of seen some of the habitats, but I didn’t realize how much there is to explore. We started with the big animal habitats, which look most like what a modern zoo looks like, except smaller. You can walk inside the habitats…

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