Discovery of Philistine Cemetery May Solve Biblical Mystery

church history review

An unprecedented find in southern Israel may finally reveal the origins of one of the Hebrew Bible’s greatest villains.

CHR Comment: The discussion of the Philistines has played a significant role in modern criticism of the Bible and church controversies about it. Critics have questioned the Bible’s accuracy since Genesis 21 and 26 refers to “Philistines” at the time of the Patriarchs while many critical scholars consider the settlement of the Philistines to be a much later development. The newly discovered cemetery dates between the eleventh and eighth centuries BC. In other words, from the time of the Judges to the time of King Hezekiah/Prophet Isaiah, according to traditional biblical chronology. This  would be long after Moses wrote Genesis. However, as the article mentions, there were earlier movements of “Sea Peoples” who were described in Egyptian documents. Moses may have referred to one of these earlier groups from patriarchal times.

The “Philistines”…

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