In Search of Solitude

Plan B

Photography Challenge: Developing Your Eye

Day Six: Prompt-Solitude

I have been taking this photography course over the last few days. Every morning, like clockwork, an email arrives in my mailbox with a prompt that I should be photographing and a style guide I should be experimenting with. So early in the morning, I logged onto the World Wide Web today, enthusiastic to find out the prompt I would be interpreting through photographs. Imagine my horror when it spelt out “Solitude”. Imagine my horror when the email further went on to say that I should be experimenting with the rule of thirds today. I had used up two shots that perfectly fit the bill just a couple of days ago. Now, in the middle of a day in office, how was I to find a solitary subject?

So I embarked on a wild goose chase. There was an omnipresent hum of…

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