Sunday, 10 July: “Turn”

The Catholic Errant

Reading – Psalm 69:33

Van Gogh Samaritan “The Good Samaritan,” oil on canvas, Vincent Van Gogh, 1890

Instead of reflecting on the reading selected for evening prayer tonight (Romans 12:17-21, if you’re interested), I am writing on the Psalm chosen for today’s mass, specifically its response: “Turn to the Lord in your need, and you will live.”

For those of us who are Christian, it is obvious that we as humans depend on God for our existence and cannot reach the flourishing or fulfillment of this this existence without Her. How does the Psalm relate to the Gospel for today, however? Imagine being the man traveling to Jericho was was robbed on his journey, as described in Jesus’ parable. Wouldn’t you address words like those found in Psalm 69 to God, pleading for help from the One who “hears the poor” and does not spurn “his own who are in bonds” (36)?

In the…

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