When I stepped off the train at a wrong Station

The boring bug

It was in January 2013. I remember it clear as day. I was bound to catch a train from the city of Ahmedabad to Jaipur. To the people unaware of the whereabouts, the distance between the two cities is roughly 660 Km and it takes 10 hours to cover the same by an express train. The two cities are polar opposites when it comes to the climatic and cultural differences. The food is nothing less than a cultural shock.While Ahmedabad rarely sees winter, Jaipur has its days.

I was traveling through Ashram Express. Scheduled for 6.30 P.M. the train was well set and ready to depart. I hurried along the hoarded platforms and roughly managed to jumped on -in an a.c. compartment. Jolting down the corridor, I threw my suitcase under my reserved seat and hopped onto the berth. Little had I imagined, the adventurous journey that I was embarking upon.

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