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July 4, 2016

News ISIS Terror

By God!

candles1 Vigils in Baghdad for the victims of 2 Terror Attacks in 1 Day

BAGHDAD — The death toll from a suicide bombing in a Baghdad shopping district reached 200 on Monday, fueling calls for security forces to crack down on ISIS sleeper cells blamed for one of Iraq’s worst single bombings.

Numbers rose as bodies were recovered from the rubble in the Karada area of Baghdad, where a refrigerator truck packed with explosives blew up on Saturday night when people were out celebrating the holy month of Ramadan.

Its streets and sidewalks were filled with young people and families who had broken their daylight fast at the time.

despairing man 1 A relative of a bombing victim visits the site of Sunday’s attack. AHMAD ALRUBAYE/AFP – Getty Images

The toll stood at 200 killed and 176 wounded by Monday afternoon local time…

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