Random Thoughts on the Movie 13 Hours: Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

The Tactical Hermit


By Hammerhead

My last post about the Benghazi disaster was 2 years ago and there is good reason for that. This is a very sore subject for me and one I really cannot discuss without getting EXTREMELY pissed off. This is also the reason I decided to not see the movie 13 Hours when it came out the first of this year, even though several friends told me it was decent and I was invited no less than three times to go see it.

So against my better judgement, I decided to go ahead and watch the movie Online today. After a very long cooling off period, and some prayer, Here are my thoughts.

“Does it seem like everybody else knows whats going on around here but us?” 

Before I get into specifics, This quote from Tanto, one of the GRS Operators about halfway through the movie, really sums up…

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