Juggling and Jesus

The Pursuit

Tonight I was in my room, tossing and dropping tennis balls. I recently set out to learn something new- how to juggle. Throw, throw,  drop, catch, catch. Repeat. I’ve only been at this a few days and, although I have a ways to go, I am excited about the progress I’ve made….even though I know I stink right now.

As I practiced tonight, the phrase “Life is a balancing act” came to mind, and I thought to myself, “no, life is a juggling act.” Dictionary.com defines juggling as “holding,catching,carrying,orbalancing precariously.” That sounds a lot like life to me. Social life, work, school, family, health, parenting, marriage, rest, time, and God are all things in each of our juggling acts. When you drop one or another gets thrown at you, everything can be disrupted. However, if we allow God to be the juggler (let Him take…

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