The Silent Service (1957-58)

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the silent service

Excellent anthology series about the Navy’s submarine fleet in World War II and Korea. There’s real combat footage mixed in. The stories are based on actual incidents.

Opening episode: April 5,1957 – “The Jack Of Tokyo” – Hosted by Admiral Thomas Dykers it tells the story of the Jack on a mission into the waters outside Tokyo and its mission to destroy Japanese war ships.

After firing off a torpedo the sub is attacked by depth charges. It looks like they dodged them but a small leak has developed. The sub gets out of harms way but a convoy is approaching. Instead of running for home the Captain decides to stay in deep waters and repair the leak.

The only person small enough to crawl into the pipe to try and find it his Machinist Mate Archer. The suspense builds as the convoy has the Jack bracketed. It’s a tight…

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