Random Thoughts from J. Awkward Prufrock

The Love Song of J. Awkward Prufrock

Man, I’ve really been sucking at the blogging thing lately!

Actually, I’ve just been sucking lately.

I used to write and do things (like my job…sometimes…occasionally) out of my office, but now my company is in the middle of weird and drawn out relocation process, so I am working out of my apartment. My apartment has terrible lighting and uncomfortable chairs. I tried that whole working out of a café thing but the café with the most seating is on the way to the park and thus distracting doggie passersby frequently occurred.

If I were half as good at focusing as I am at making excuses, well, I’d probably have at least one viable skill by now. But alas, here we are!

My apartment, I will also admit, is woefully uninspiring. I live with three mid-20s gentlemen. We have pizza boxes. And a dead bird on our back ledge that…

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