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John Currin (JC) posted Untitled https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/proxy/dZ9qnBtWprgFMeqofZu6l-U-ZTbWJVFq0fUFyMiOMSEU5gLn5QK-Gdp_W-uufCGMOUy-C2wSDQRk8MbaiQ_LLE_Dnk19nOsiPU–NOAqqcHH6-EjITmvknHUfVNAw6KaWw_rYfsVfF0v7zLeqjkoFtazsOQ8napPuuo=w506-h910

Poland and Russia Spar Over Alleged Sub Collision
Polish and Russian sources are engaged in a dispute over whether two submarines were involved in a collision in the Baltic Sea.
Russia?s REN TV

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