History of the Internet and Web browsers

The Internet Bridge

The internet came from a list of collaborators in 1960 in California, the idea came mainly from J.C.R. Licklider, Head of the Computer Research at ARPA, he envisioned a connection of computers that would grant people access to any site globally. He then recruited, Leonard Kleinrock, Computer Science Professor at UCLA, and Robert Taylor, Lincoln Labs Director of Projects. After Licklider shares what he envisions, he contracts MIT, UCLA, and BBN to start the creation of what they later called ARPANET, a network. Several creations came about during the 60’s, such as the Interface Message Processor (IMP) specifications, the IMP subnetwork, and the first network switch.

7995221220_5136954a25_b1960’s Interface Message Processor 

Leonard Kleinrock’s, the first internet message was sent in October 29, 1969, however the login failed due to a system crash. Shortly after the glitches were fixed they were successful with their connection.


After several years of improving the hardware…

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