Book Review: Homeschool Made Easy

At The Well

Lea Ann Garfias recently sent me her new e-book Homeschool Made Easy. I wish this book had been available when I first started thinking about homeschooling. Her book in precisely simple terms describes the different approaches to home education, learning styles, and teaching styles without overwhelming the reader. Her writing style in humorous, graceful, encouraging, and witty. The book reads like you are immersed in a conversation with the author.

She goes on to cover what your child should accomplish in each learning stage: elementary, middle and high school. I appreciated that she points out that our children should move into the various stages based on their maturity and not age. Children grow and mature at different rates but it is so easy to get caught up in comparing our children to those in the local school system and wondering if we are measuring up. We need to be careful not to push…

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