It’s a balancing act

The Suitcase Kid

We’ve all been there…up at the break of dawn to get ready for work, racing out the door with our breakfast in hand, sipping umpteen cups of coffee to try and get started, spending all day racing around working super hard, coming home, walking the dog (insert looking after children if applicable), making dinner, eating dinner, making lunch for the next day, cleaning, having a shower and getting in bed. Sleep, and repeat.

It can all too often feel like we’re racing around at 100mph, only stopping to sleep and eat, and getting nothing out of our lives except just earning enough money to pay the bills for a house we are rarely in. And at the centre of this mad lifestyle? Worry. (Check out my recent post – Why it is so important to worry less for more on this)

I once went to a counsellor, one who really…

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