(Recovering) Technology Addict

Traveling Twenties


Can I be just be real for a second?

Those two days I spent phone-less after my ordeal at the pond were rough. They hurt worse than the skinned knee and the bruised ego I suffered when I fell off the dock into the water chasing after it. It was as if I were suddenly missing an appendage, and I was in mourning over the loss.

My phone is where I jot down story ideas, research various things, capture random photos, and plan for the days ahead. It houses many important parts of my life. No longer having it hurt–and damn bad too.

Consciously, I knew that everything happens for a reason, and that as long as I was okay, that’s all that matters, but emotionally I was distraught–feeling like something sacred had been stolen from me.

These intense feelings of loss caused me to take a long, hard look…

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