This is the Camping Cave that Gero Built…


DSCF5981 (5)

When most people come across a cave they usually think bats, bears and spiders. However, my husband, Gary (now, Gero of Macedonia), found a cave in the Plačkovica Mountain and saw a project. One of his assignments as a Peace Corps Volunteer for the local Municipality was to attract tourists to the area. What better way than setting up a Camping Cave and geocaches?

Prior to Construction Prior to Construction
The cave is shallow with a high ceiling and basically two levels of rocky floors. It faces south and has a spectacular view of the Zrnovci River and the Mountain Canyon. The cave is 40 minutes south of Zrnovci up the river Canyon accessed from the west middle trail out of the village at the swimming hole known as ‘The Little Jump’.

On daily trips small bags of cement, tools and wood were carried to the Cave. When the rocks around the…

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