0127 – A Game to Get You Writing

Being a Writer

Perusing Steam games, there was a sale earlier this week and one of the games on sale was, Elegy for a Dead World. Basically you are an explorer visiting planets. As you find artifacts, ruins, etc., you are prompted to write what happened.

There is also the option to upload your writing for others to read and up-vote your pieces. Also you can read other writers and up-vote the pieces you like the most.

This ‘game’ has wonderful sounds, visuals, mood music and good writing prompts. When my character moves to a point that activates a writing prompt, I find myself in the perfect mood and mindset to write.

Here are some screenshots from the trailer video. . .

Screen Shot 08-30-15 at 06.47 PM 001

Screen Shot 08-30-15 at 06.46 PM

Screen Shot 08-30-15 at 06.45 PM

Screen Shot 08-30-15 at 09.38 PM

Maybe there will soon be another sale on this product. Sale or not, some may find it worth investing in as a new ‘tool’ that will help get you writing more.

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