I Make Bad Life Decisions/Clever Girl: Implementing Pipelines


I had a bit of trouble getting my specialisation anywhere near completed this tri. I did my standard under + over estimating combo; that is, I underestimate how long it will take me to do certain things, and I overestimate how many things I can feasibly complete at one time.

So! My pipeline in 2D is a bit incomplete to say the least, and it would seem that my 2D endeavours need to be a long term project; something for next Tri, or even consideration for my final project. As Clever girl has also turned into an extra involved, extended project, I will be discussing the pipelines that I have implemented so far in both projects, as well as the continuation I plan to take. I will also go into the differences and similarities between the 3D and 2D pipelines I am undertaking.

The first stage in my projects is…

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