Week 4 Lecture Notes – History of the Internet

Amelia's Networked Culture

Todays Lecture talked about the history of the Internet, focusing on World War 2 and moving forward from there. It was really interesting to see the development of these networks and the impact they have had on the world.

World War 2 saw the use of mass air warfare to destroy enemies, targeting specifically countries centre bases (nodes). This war was about destruction, focusing its efforts on bombing and air attacks creating more efficient and strategic attacks. Air WarfareBy striking not only the enemy’s centres of information but also their weapon manufacturers and warehouses, an upper hand in the war was achieved. The war forced people to invent, kicking technology advancement into gear to beat opponents in the fight for survival. The Internet was developed out of this fear, particularly towards nuclear weapons.

Air Warfare

At the end of World War 2 many of the German rocket scientists moved to America and the Soviet Union…

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