Crystal Palace Dinosaur Park

Wendy and John's Travel Adventures

Yesterday, after packing a few boxes for Andrew and Lynley to help for their impending shift, we jumped on a couple of trains and went out to Crystal Palace, home of the football team. There is a very attractive park out there which was set up in 1852 by Professor Richard Owen who was the person to categorise the giant lizards as a new scientific group and named them ‘ Dinosaurs’. In and around the lake are models of different dinosaurs, amphibians, pterosaurs, marine reptiles. There is a trail to follow and information boards along the way.

The sculptures are huge and were produced at the dawn of Palaeontology, using fossils from the Natural History Museum and introduced the controversial idea that animals existed millions of years ago. This park predated Darwin’s theory of the origin of the species by 7 years.

Along the way we managed to find a geocache, the first…

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