Today’s Ag Equipment Using Yesterday’s Invention

Prickly Ash Hill Farm

Way back when I was in elementary school I remember my teacher asking the question, “Do you know anyone who had received a patent?”  Maybe one or two classmates would raise their hand, but for most of us our hands remained on our desks. As a class, over the next week we would try to think of a new invention or rework an invention.  I don’t remember any of my thoughts on any inventions.

Over the last few years Dad has told the story of him and his brother Bob telling their uncle Ray about a new corn head they had purchased for their New Holland chopper.  The corn head is used to harvest standing corn and feed the stalk into the chopper.  The chopper chops the corn plant into small pieces.  Then the pieces are blown into a silo where they will ferment and be come silage for cattle.  As they told Ray about the cutting…

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