Russia, China set up headquarters joint Mediterranean Sea military drills


China’s Defense Ministry said earlier nine surface ships would take part in the joint naval drills, including the Linyi, Weifang and Weishanhu warships from the Chinese navyBlack Sea port of Novorossiysk

Black Sea port of Novorossiysk

MOSCOW, May 7. /TASS/. Russia and China have set up headquarters at Russia’s Novorossiysk naval base to exercise command and control over Joint Sea 2015 naval drills, Russian Navy spokesman Captain First Rank Igor Dygalo said on Thursday.

The joint Russian-Chinese naval drills are scheduled to take place in the Mediterranean Sea on May 11-21.

“In order to exercise control over the Joint Sea 2015 drills, which will be held in the Mediterranean Sea in the second ten-day period of May, a joint command of the exercises has been set up along with the joint command headquarters and the headquarters of the grouping at sea and the command posts of the participating ships’ tactical groups,” the spokesman said.

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