Gangaur Ghat – Udaipur

Kevin Standage


Gangaur Ghat is located at the heart of the city of Udaipur and is very easy to find. Upon leaving the City Palace via the north gate, walk down until you reach the flight of stairs on your left for Jagdish Temple. At the road junction, turn left and head down past all the souvenir shops until you eventually reach the waters edge.






This was a place I kept returning to during my stay in Udaipur, there was always something happening but in a quiet and peaceful way. There are a few cafes close by as well if you want to linger for even longer.






The name-sake Ghangaur festival is celebrated in a grand manner every year in Rajasthan. Gangaur signifies Lord Shiva and Parvati together. It’s believed that Parvati returned to her parental home during Gangaur, to bless her friends with marital bliss. On the last day, Parvati…

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For your Monday Acculturation




Two for First Verse.  So, lucky you, you’ve got a twofer.


A little goes a long way if a little’s all you’ve got
A long way is a long way though and often costs a lot,

New is sometimes better if it’s really something new
Then again tis often just the useful bid adieu,

Yet the old is still the old because it’s worked awhile
That isn’t always e’re the case, but life is not a mile,

Is new improved – a treasure hoard that purchases the world
Or is it effete novelty that’s simply trimmed in pearl?

The newer goes a long way if your way is just so long
Then again the road is wild, and it goes on and on,

Fresher is the fresh man whose foot has yet to tread
Then again he knows not yet the dangers…

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Tome and Tomb


This is a sort of parallel post to one on Easter Eggs that I will post here later on.

Today a buddy of mine sent me a link to an Army video on Hyper-Realistic Tactical Training. (Think of it as a kind of live-action wargame involving TSS/Transferable Skill Simulations. I cannot herein reproduce the link because the link has since been extinguished, probably due to security REASONS.) He knows that I’ve been active in experimenting with and developing gaming related training techniques for a long time and thought I’d enjoy the video. (I did by the way. I had never seen it before.)

Anyway the video reminded me of a technique I use both in-
game(s) and in training scenario development that I call Situational Enrichment.

You might think of situational enrichment as the non-combat version (or parallel development version) of Hyper-Realistic Immersive Training.

It has…

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And here is the follow-up, which is pretty much what I thought it would be, a whole lot of nothing specific:

Tome and Tomb

Marvel Encodes: I have two theories of my own but let’s see…

By the way, the images are on the original link.

Marvel Has A Big Surprise Coming, Here’s A Clue

By Eric Eisenberg 43 minutes agodiscussion27 Comments
Marvel Has A Big Surprise Coming, Here’s A Clue image
The next few weeks are going to be rather huge for Marvel Studios. This Friday will see the release of their first Netflix series, Daredevil; then Joss Whedon’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron will be dropping on May 1st; and soon after that the company will begin production on Joe and Anthony Russo’s Captain America: Civil War. That’s all pretty huge stuff, but evidently it’s not enough, as now a big Avengers announcement has been scheduled for tomorrow morning.

This extremely exciting news comes to us from Marvel Cinematic Universe star Robert Downey Jr. himself, who teased the special reveal on his personal Twitter account. In addition to revealing…

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Launch Port - The Open Door Business Blog

I think this is an absolutely superb idea, especially for small businesses. I wish I had thought of this product.

Introducing “Shedquarters”: The Hot New Trend Home-Based Business Owners Are Drooling Over

lighterside-staff-authorBy Lighter Side Staff  |  Read More

Space-efficient work spaces are becoming all the rage these days. They’re great for maintaining privacy and uninterrupted workflow, and they can also be cozy and stylish as well. Here are some examples of a growing trend of miniature studios (for offices and living structures), that are small enough to fit in someone’s back yard.

We’re fond of calling them, shedquarters. Whether you need your own getaway space, an office, an art studio, or a full on extra home, there’s something for everyone out there!

Kanga Room: Based out of Austin, Texas, Kanga Room has backyard studios in three styles: modern, country cottage, and bungalow. The basic package is an…

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Launch Port - The Open Door Business Blog

Hiring Rule: How Elon Musk Screens for Real Experience

The best employees will be able to easily recall their struggles, says SpaceX’s CEO.

IMAGE: Getty Images

If your company frequently runs into complex-problem issues, it helps to be surrounded by a team of experienced problem solvers.

While that might sound overly obvious, the hard part is detecting this skill during the hiring process. You’ll want to make sure that your employees have cracked tough codes by themselves–not just by blindly following someone else’s instructions, says Tesla Motors and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk.

That’s why, as a hiring rule, Musk asks job candidates to recall a problem they solved. Then he has them explain how they arrived at each and every step, up until the solution.

“If someone was really the person that solved it, they’ll be able to answer multiple levels. They’ll be able to go down to the…

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When men are hesitant to overthrow Hell then Hell is the very first to know and the very last to fear.

Issue 1: Synthetic Intimacy, Robophobia, Robot Arts, and Artificial Evil (March 2015)

Interesting source ideas

Homo Artificialis


(1) H. Artificialis: Handmade Humans

(2) Robophilia: Synthetic Intimacy and the Erotic Turing Test

(3) Robophobia: Enhanced Workers and Killer Robots

(4) Artificial Evil: Red Flags and Storm Warnings

(5) Creating and Critiquing: H. Artificialis and the Arts

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DARPA new air warfare

Google’s two-year time limit on mobile R&D projects before they are killed, adopted or sold

Science Series: The Flat Earth Myth

Is Christianity True?

1Flat-Earth_Myth_01_240x305 Quickly, answer the following question: “Who proved the world was round?” If you said Columbus, you are certainly not alone. We have all heard the idea that before Columbus, the Church and all the Christian intellectuals of the Middle Ages taught that the earth was flat.  If you sailed out far enough you would fall off the face of the earth. Unfortunately, you, along with many others, have been vastly misinformed. No Christian scholar, theologian, philosopher, or priest in the Middle Ages believed that the earth was flat. Where did this idea come from that the earth was flat?

This is my second post in the series on science and religion.  Just this past week I was involved in a discussion about Galileo’s imprisonment, which I had blogged on recently, and the flat earth myth was thrown in my face as proof of the churches backward beliefs before science…

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I’m behind because I was out yesterday. So I give you:

The Evolution of Religion and Spirituality From Ancient Times to Today

Interesting map, and it does indeed make a lot of assumptions. Nevertheless as a general outline it gives me some interesting ideas.

Metal Gaia





DISCLAIMER: The map makes a lot of assumptions (given that we can’t really know what people believed before written, recorded history. The dates are also not to be taken as fact, but are a broad estimate).

Above is a map of the evolution of the world’s religions and belief systems. This map was put together thanks to Simon E. Davies at the Human Odyssey Facebook group. The map itself covers most of the world’s geographic regions and cultures: European, African, Semitic, Iranian, Indian, East Asian, Arctic, North American, South American, New Guinean/Australian and Oceanic.

Religion, spirituality and myth is the narrative through which human beings understand the world, themselves and their place in the universe. This narrative can be very unifying or divisive depending upon the circumstances involved.

The dates on the map shouldn’t be taken as absolute fact. They are just estimates.


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WednesDIY: Paper Map Wallets

Sea Salt and Lemon


I don’t know about you, but I love to travel. I also love maps, maybe not using them so much, but just you know, looking at them. So, what better to do than to have for myself a beautiful travel wallet which looks like a map? Nothing. There is nothing better, except  Harry Potter, but that’s always better.

Some people have recommended that you get yourself a map wallet, which I have noticed are becoming increasingly popular with the rise in popularity of all things “vintage;” as a pick pocketer though likely to target tourists, is less likely to be interested in a folded up map in your pocket, than what he or she, or it – I suspect nargles sometimes, would expect your wallet to look like.

But, it’s my wallet and I want it now, so going online to buy a fancy one is all good…

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Solon Against the Rich

It Is Time – Only Truth Shall Set You Free!


~ It Is Time to Tell The Truth! ~

Wasn’t it in fact Judas; that whom after betraying Jesus at the exchange of a few pieces of silver, that shortly afterJesus’ crucifixion… gave away his silver then hung himself to die… Hum; just counting up the cost…

Shouldn’t it be evident to all of us who really know the Lord for ourselves that the gifts that are given from the gift of the Holy Spirit are of such value that many of the ones who are entrusted with such gifts are fascinated and continually amazed by how they operate, we are to make no mistake in underestimating the lengths that the adversary will go to in attempts to if not make an exchange with a child of God for their souls… even what he will offer one that are weakened to the point of simply setting out to “deactivate” these…

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The Crucifixion of Christ 9 April 2015

Easter in Eastern Macedonia


Macedonian life is a blend of tradition, nationality and religion. All three aspects affect most daily activities, especially during the Easter holiday. Most Macedonians are members of the Eastern Orthodox Church which is officially called the Orthodox Catholic Church and they refer to themselves as Orthodox Christians. They believe that their church was founded and directly descended from Jesus Christ and his apostles. Since the Orthodox Christians use the older Julian calendar to calculate the date when Easter is celebrated this year it falls a week later than Christians following the Gregorian calendar.

DSCF7265Easter is a huge celebration here beginning on Thursday. Women arise before dawn and dye eggs an intense red which is said to represent the blood of Christ; the legend is that blood dripping from his hands and feet colored the stones at the base of the cross red and that the red eggs are symbolic. The…

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Take it from a black man from North Charleston: Your notion of home is as fragile as mine

To me the question is not black or white, or poor or rich, or what kind of neighborhood you inhabit, but innocent versus guilty and right versus wrong.

Innocent men, women, and children should be safe and free wherever they go (and free to go wherever they wish), in good neighborhoods or bad neighborhoods, and they should be free from harassment or attack from either criminals and criminal elements or from bad policing and bad cops.

We as a society get that point down, that neither race nor class matter, but that the innocent are worth protecting no matter where they are or who they are (or when they are), and that the innocent should be firmly protected from both the guilty and the system, then things will be working as they should. Until then, they ain’t.

How Google is tackling the science of how to build excellent teams

More children are going to school in African countries, but there are still 30 million who never will

Vanity and Insanity in online high range IQ testing.

I concur. If the means by which you measure your IQ, (much less your Wisdom which is a far more important and fundamental trait of the Self), is by how well you fit into a group of people dedicated to the current paradigm (whatever that might be) rather than on how well you anticipate a far better paradigm (no matter how far into the future that might be) then you’re doing it wrong.

Richmond Captured, April 3 1865 #OTD

Fog and Friction

There are a few #OTD posts about the fall of the Confederate capital.

"The Fall of Richmond, Virginia, on the Night of April 2nd 1865" “The Fall of Richmond, Virginia, on the Night of April 2nd 1865”

In the post linked above, one item of particular interest to me here lurks behind this sentence: “On the evening of April 2, the Confederate government fled the city with the army right behind.“ But they did more than flee. In a move that was all at once understandable and tragic (from a historian’s perspective), the records of the Confederate Secret Service were burned due to fear of possible reprisals against Southern-sympathizers (spies). So to this day, a hole exists in our knowledge of the extent and efficiency of Confederate intelligence capabilities. This knowledge-gap helped develop what historian Edwin Fishel called a “mythology“ of Civil War intelligence, where beautiful southern maidens and daring spies stayed one step ahead of Union generals. Even today…

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Reframing Education, Embracing Creativity

Saudi Arabia bombs Russian Consulate in Yemen in effort to destroy spy HQ.

World Intel Report

Saudi Arabia has gone head to head with Russia as Iran’s ally in Yemen.

Moscow claims to have evacuated hundreds of Russian nationals from Yemen by an air lift running out of Sanaa airport, but DEBKAfile’s exclusive intelligence and military sources reveal that not a single Russian plane has taken off from any Yemeni airport since March 27, when Saudi Arabia launched its military offensive against the pro-Iranian Houthi rebels.

Yemen bombing Photo Credits: AP Yemen bombing
Photo Credits: AP

The Saudiis warned Russia that they would not be responsible for the safety of any flights landing at a Yemeni airport or the passengers assembled there for evacuation, while their air force conducted strikes against the rebels. Having achieved control of Yemen’s skies in the early stages of their intervention, the Saudis declared its air space a no-fly zone.
This warning gained substance when, on April 1, Saudi F-15 warplanes bombed the Russian…

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Apply 5 Compasses to Christian Leadership

Field Notes

The world is changing at a rapid pace as technology and the shrinking global village brings people’s lives closer and closer together. (Bennis, 1999, p. 71) For leaders, it is increasingly challenging to lead people in the right direction, primarily because the right direction has become insurmountably subjective. The right direction is not a set point on the horizon any longer, so, in order to determine the ‘right direction’ for a leader, or group of people, it is necessary to understand what is valued and important to the leader and group.

As Christian leaders, the focus must be on advancing the Kingdom of God through discipleship of individuals, commissioned by Jesus Christ himself. (Mat. 28:18-20) Everything else in Christian leadership and ministry is just details, but it is in the details that Christian leaders get lost. How should Christian leaders go about fulfilling this commission?

Ian Wilson (1996) recommends any…

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Pictures of the Week March 13th, 2015

Some interesting shots


Check out what PJ students at the International Centre of Photography were up to this week.

Light and Shadow/Soumita Bhattacharya

Light and Shadow/Soumita Bhattacharya

Light and Shadow/Soumita Bhattacharya

Grand Central TerminalGrand Central Terminal/Yolande Daeninck

Grand Central TerminalGrand Central Terminal/Yolande Daeninck

Grand Central TerminalGrand Central Terminal/Yolande Daeninck

7PlayingPortraitCamilaSvensonPlaying with Portrait – Camila Svenson/Griselda San Martin

8PlayingPortraitCJPlaying with Portrait – Shih-Chieh Wei/Griselda San Martin

Playing with Portrait – Fabiana Sala/Griselda San Martin

sara frisby - montauk end of the world-1Montauk End of the World/Sara Frisby

10sara frisby - montauk end of the world-2Montauk End of the World/Sara Frisby

11sara frisby - montauk end of the world-3Montauk End of the World/Sara Frisby

12sara frisby - montauk end of the world-4Montauk End of the World/Sara Frisby

13sara frisby - montauk end of the world-5Montauk End of the World/Sara Frisby

Portrait – Esteban Kuriel/Shih-Chieh Wei

15Wei_portrait02_20150310Portrait – Esteban Kuriel/Shih-Chieh Wei

16Wei_portrait03_20150310Portrait – Griselda San Martin/Shih-Chieh Wei

New York 14 Arrival on Staten Island/Gareth Smit

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If possible always invent in imitation of Nature. God knows his designs.

By the way I have long considered and have experimented with the idea of a reactive liquid armor that both redirects projectile trajectories and disperses force in spread waves rather than attempts to meet it with direct resistance.

So I found this step forward to be doubly interesting. In construction method, in design, and as a pointer towards improved future capabilities.

MIT Researchers 3D-Print Body Armor Inspired By Fish Scales

New scale mail unveiled


Illustration of deformation mechanisms in laminates

Illustration of deformation mechanisms in laminates

Rudykh et al

Body armor suffers from a core tension: it must be light enough so the soldier wearing it can still fight effectively, but strong enough to actually stop bullets and shrapnel. Durable, shock-absorbing Kevlar is the current standard, but it can definitely be improved upon. What if, instead of making the armor itself a liquid, researchers borrow an armor design from creatures that move through it? A team at MIT, led by mechanical engineer Stephan Rudykh, designed a flexible armor inspired by fish scales.

Scale armor is almost as old as armor itself, with numerous examples found in ancient art from Rome to China. To improve on an ancient concept, the MIT team came up with a single metric for the armor’s value: protecto-flexibility (Ψ). This is “a new metric which captures the contrasting combination of protection and flexibility, taken as the ratio between the normalized indentation and normalized bending stiffness.” Working from a single metric, the researchers were able to greatly increase the strength of the armor while only modestly reducing its flexibility.

The practical implications of the study are hinted at by who funded it: the research “was supported by the U.S. Army Research Office through the MIT Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies.” In the future, soldiers could have fish-scale suits of armor that are more flexible around joints and sturdier across the rest of the body, adding greater protection where none was before without diminishing any of the value of previous armor.

This armor is still in the early testing stages. “Flexibility and protection by design: imbricated hybrid microstructures of bio-inspired armor” only covers indentation tests, designed to see just how far the scales would bend when forced to. Next stages include trying the armor against bullets and shrapnel. If successful, the future of armor could look a heck of a lot like the past.

Short film on my time in Indonesia and China

Military children recognized during month of April

Picture of guard dog laying down with owner after police raid goes viral

Urban Adventures or Wanderlust with Kids

An Oddly Shaped Spherical Fan Blows More Air Than It Sucks

Deepak verma

The new Q fan looks more like a basketball than a fan, but using an internal turbofan it can actually blow about seven times more air than it sucks.Read more…
April 06, 2015 at 07:15PM
By Deepak verma

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Lunar Lava Tubes Could Host Underground Moon Cities

Ethics Asylum


Earth’s moon is rife with huge lava tubes — tunnels formed from the lava flow of volcanic eruptions — and new theoretical work suggests that these features could be large enough to house structurally stable lunar cities for future colonists.

Data from NASA’s Gravity Recovery And Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) mission suggests that lava tubes on the moon could have diameters in excess of more than half a mile (1 kilometer). These features could support future long-term human exploration on the moon, offering shelter from cosmic radiation, meteorite impacts and the wild temperature swings of lunar day and night, according to scientists with Purdue University who performed the study.

Purdue University researchers presented their research during the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference held here March 16-20. [Lava Tubes on the Moon: Home for Astronauts? (Video)]

Beneath the Moon

According to Jay Melosh, a Purdue University…

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Challenges of the James Webb Space Telescope, NASA’s Successor to Hubble

Ramin Skibba

Everyone grows up eventually. It’s hard to believe, but the Hubble Space Telescope (HST), which many astronomers and astronomy fans consider to be one of the most important telescopes of our generation, turns 25 this month. Hubble, built and funded by NASA and the European Space Agency, was launched on 24th April 1990, only a half year after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Its instruments produced numerous iconic images, including the spectacular ones below.

Everyone is celebrating this anniversary! Check out for more images, news, and information. The 2010 documentary, “Saving Hubble,” is now viewable for free. Plus, in a public lecture on 1st April as part of National Academies’ Space Science Week, Jason Kalirai (Space Telescope Science Institute) highlighted Hubble’s many scientific contributions.

Crab Nebula (Credit: Hubble Space Telescope) Crab Nebula (Credit: Hubble Space Telescope) Galaxy M83 (HST) Galaxy M83 (HST) Ultra Deep Field (HST) Ultra Deep Field (HST)

Now astronomers and the astronomy-loving public are anticipating and preparing…

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[PHOTO] Rocket Engineer Wernher von Braun in Front of his Saturn V Engine

10 Reasons Why You’re Broke And Unsuccessful


#Wisdom from ohso_feisty

There is but one way to advise – by example.

Homeschool on the Farm

Growing cotton, corn, and character

Duplicate My Success

How to Start a Blog From Scratch and Scale it to a Profitable Full-time Income on a Limited Budget

The Aramaic New Testament

Galilean Aramaic in the Context of Early Christianity


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