What poor students wish their teachers knew about them

I am not for coddling or taking it easy on kids because they face a bad situation. Not at all. That can only harm them in the long run. And make them weaker, not stronger.

But I am very much for understanding the realities of the hardships they face, for accommodating them wherever possible to compensate, and to assist them in learning to problem solve what they can resolve, and to realize that some things are because of the actions and choices of others and that neither they (the kids themselves), nor society, can fix everything or save everybody.

Problems like these are not the teacher’s faults, they are not the fault of society at large, nor are they the fault of the kids themselves.

Hardships happen. That is a part of life, Things like this should be neither excused nor elevated to some special status of victimhood. Nor should they ever be simply ignored. You never want either a special set of problems that are to be indulged, rather than resolved, or a set of problems that are to be ignored, rather than conquered.

But rather all problems should be resolved in the best way possible. As earnestly and effectively as possible.

Because in the end the end and eventual objective of all problems lie in their solution, not in the eternal continuation of the problem.

Asking relevant questions is at least a good way to start.

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