Callous keyboard warriors: destroying good content and discouraging creativity.

Completely concur.


Today I watched a rather inspiring Ted Talks video by Richard St. John, who described how he conducted in-depth interviews with highly successful people over the space of 10 years in attempt to gain insight as to how they achieved success and personal happiness.

Richards video was an attempt to share free knowledge on what he had identified as common traits of successful people: hard work, focus, push, ideas, improvement, persistence with an emphasis on passion. The video was well made, easy to understand and concise. Despite this, it garnered a lot of negative attention:

comment 1comment 2comment 3comment 4comment 5

So why were people leaving such disparaging comments and what are the ramifications of doing so? It’s a phenomena we have all seen on social media at some point. Go to almost any piece of good content, video or article where users are able to leave feedback and there will be a plethora of comments…

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