It Is Time – Only Truth Shall Set You Free!


~ It Is Time to Tell The Truth! ~

Wasn’t it in fact Judas; that whom after betraying Jesus at the exchange of a few pieces of silver, that shortly afterJesus’ crucifixion… gave away his silver then hung himself to die… Hum; just counting up the cost…

Shouldn’t it be evident to all of us who really know the Lord for ourselves that the gifts that are given from the gift of the Holy Spirit are of such value that many of the ones who are entrusted with such gifts are fascinated and continually amazed by how they operate, we are to make no mistake in underestimating the lengths that the adversary will go to in attempts to if not make an exchange with a child of God for their souls… even what he will offer one that are weakened to the point of simply setting out to “deactivate” these…

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