Apply 5 Compasses to Christian Leadership

Field Notes

The world is changing at a rapid pace as technology and the shrinking global village brings people’s lives closer and closer together. (Bennis, 1999, p. 71) For leaders, it is increasingly challenging to lead people in the right direction, primarily because the right direction has become insurmountably subjective. The right direction is not a set point on the horizon any longer, so, in order to determine the ‘right direction’ for a leader, or group of people, it is necessary to understand what is valued and important to the leader and group.

As Christian leaders, the focus must be on advancing the Kingdom of God through discipleship of individuals, commissioned by Jesus Christ himself. (Mat. 28:18-20) Everything else in Christian leadership and ministry is just details, but it is in the details that Christian leaders get lost. How should Christian leaders go about fulfilling this commission?

Ian Wilson (1996) recommends any…

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