10 Reasons Why You’re Broke And Unsuccessful

Thought Catalog

Breaking BadBreaking Bad

1. You lack humility – You think you are Gods gift to the planet. You are unable to humble yourself. This over confident attitude makes it so that you refuse to seek help from others. You think you know it all, and that’s a dangerous mindset to have.

2. You don’t listen – The only opinion in the world that matters is your own. Even when someone brings up something that is relevant, you dismiss is because it didn’t come out of your mouth.

3. You have no curiosity towards life – You are just going through the motions, blind to the vast universe around you.

4. You don’t read books – You haven’t learned anything of relevance in years, and wonder why you haven’t been moving forward.

5. You party too much – Eventually you have to do some actual work to get ahead in life, and…

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