Writers’ block? No problem! Introducing AutoMatton

“Game Changer” huh? LOL!

I’d like to say great, and true, but it’s likely all bullshit, especially after how hard WordPress made it to access and use the Classic Editor, which would have required a simple line of code fix that a fifth grader could have written and installed at no cost. Instead they arrogantly and stubbornly and foolishly laid the entire onus upon the end-user, which is a Betamax like business and corporate decision.

Remove the tiny and easy to extract splinter form your eye (or your ass in this case), do the extremely pragmatic and simple-minded things correctly WordPress, and then I’ll believe you can whittle a wonder from a fossilized log…

Unless of course this entire Classic Editor fiasco has been an elaborate and long-running April Fool’s Joke upon WordPress users.

Or is AutoMatton the elaborate April Fools joke? Or just another in an ever expanding line of April Fool’s jokes from a company being run by April Fools.

The WordPress.com Blog

Here at WordPress.com, we‘re always looking for ways to improve the blogging experience. We pride ourselves on taking your suggestions to heart and work tirelessly to create better tools for you.

Today, we’re releasing a game changer.

As WordPress.com becomes easier to use, one piece of unanswered feedback keeps nagging at us: blogging is hard! Not only do you have to think of something worth saying, you have to take valuable time out of your day to write those things down in an appealing, easy-to-read way! Improvements to WordPress.com can speed up things like load times, but we simply couldn’t remove human nature from the equation… until now.

What is AutoMatton?

AutoMatton uses a simple machine learning algorithm to predict the posts that you will write, taking predictive text and auto-correct to the next level. Think of it as your own private blogging DeLorean traveling at 88mph, but without the…

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