My Climbing Training

Why It Wouldn't Work

This one is a little self-indulgent, but some of you might find this interesting or even give me tips (if you are feeling generous). This one is just a little post about my most recent love of bouldering and some calisthenics training I do to supplement the climbing.

I’ll clear up some terms before I get started:

Bouldering – a form of rock climbing where no safety harness is used, but the climbs are much lower in height, never going much above 4 metres (in the indoor climbing centres at least) and having safety mats below. The climbs tend to be more difficult that standard rock climbing, they are often referred to as ‘problems’, and can take quite a bit of mental and physical skill to complete. Working out what moves to do can be half the battle, the rest is having the strength and technique to complete the climb.

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