Chinese kangaroo court gives pastor 1-year sentence for opposing church demolitions

Sun & Shield

China church demolitionThis is what holy boldness and righteous indignation look like. Forty-year-old Huang Yizi of China’s Zhejiang province knew he could face retaliation from the Chinese government for taking a stand last year for opposing the government’s demolition and damaging of church buildings that affected 400 buildings, but he took a stand anyway. It landed him in a jail in China in August of last year.

His case came before a kangaroo court this week that found him guilty of “gathering crowds to disturb social order.” Or should that be “socialist order”? They sentenced him to serve 1 year in jail in spite of the fact that the government, after international pressure, had ordered an end to the program that targeted churches. Huang and his lawyer, Zhang Kai, have seen strong indications that the whole trial was fixed. Nevertheless, Huang has expressed praises to God for being chosen to suffer for…

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