Don’t shake your noddle! How to keep her interested, 1680

The History of Love

So, you have finally found yourself a girlfriend. Congratulations! After the faintly traumatic experience of courtship – the dodgy chat up lines, the dangers of womanly wiles, the endless sighing – you might be forgiven for thinking that you are allowed a little bit of a rest. Oh, dear reader – It Is Not So. The unfortunate truth is that the all-conquering suitor must keep up his attentions, unless he wants his mistress’ eye to rove. The man openly leering at other women in the tavern corner isn’t going to instil any confidence of a lasting affection, but the man consumed by excessive ‘Ravings of Love’ is going to eventually become a turn-off. So, how to strike the right balance? Fortunately, Advice to Lovers (1680) is on hand to reveal all, offering thoughts on how gallants might “always keep the Love and Favour of their mistresses.” The short answer: 34Untitled


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