Should We Care About Motives?

This person is not naive, they are observant and Wise.

Rulers To The Sky

Imagine you have two people, one of whom is a known sociopath and the other of whom is an altruist, and both decide to build their own organic gardening communes.

They each have the same amount of money and a suitable plot of land, and both are able to complete their communes at around the same time. Moreover, let’s stipulate that in addition to the usual building inspections, special attention was paid to insuring that the sociopath’s commune has no hidden torture chambers or anything sordid like that.

Neither person stands to make any significant financial gains from this endeavor; the sociopath, however, has built his commune because the plot of land was desired by a hated rival and for complicated legal reasons the only thing he could get a permit to build was an commune, while the altruist just wanted to provide a place for people who don’t own shoes to raise…

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