We Now Know Who Jihadi John Is

Edmund Scarborough's WordPress Blog

Ever since ISIS began capturing territory and reigning in terror, it has used public and videotaped executions as both a tool to control through terror as well as to gain new recruits through savagery and violence. The videos produced always high quality and range from mass executions featuring numerous Islamic State fighters to singular executions featuring one man, one victim, a camera, and death. These single executions are almost always targeted towards a government, usually the United States, and always feature the same man doing the killing. He is always masked and the one distinguishing feature that continuously pops up is his British accent that has been traced to London. Now, the man has been identified and while the UK government hasn?t publicly commented on the matter, it seems as though Jihadi John is no longer an enigma.ed_scarborough_isis_flag

John?s real name is Mohammed Emwazi and he is a computer programming…

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