The Bible Thumpers Are Back

Culture Monk

church 3

by Kenneth Justice

~ I live in what would best be described as an urban hipster community; lots of coffee shops, lots of record stores, and a hell of a lot of dudes sporting huge beards and flannel shirts while strumming guitars.

Because of the somewhat metropolitan atmosphere, the coffee shops I frequent get a lot of bible thumper preachers who come in hoping to convert the masses. Generally the bible thumpers leave me alone, but lately they’ve been welcoming themselves to the open seats at my table and telling me what I’m supposed to believe,

The holy spirit has anointed me Kenneth, I’m supposed to tell you that you need to listen to my words” said a little dude yesterday,

Kenneth, you speak lies, and I don’t listen to people who speak lies”  said a tall dude with a porn star mustache

I try to ignore…

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