What’s in a name: from vagabond to digital nomad


The labels we self-impose define us to others, but also to ourselves. Before I was a scientist, a biologist, a student, an expat, a bit of a nut and a total geek. I was a rock-climber, a forest cat-owner, a La Pavoni coffee-drinker… I could go on, but suddenly the tune to Ben Harper’s Joker is drowning out my thoughts…

Two and a half weeks ago that all changed: now uprooted and free as a bird – what am I? Right now, I’m a smoothie-drinker, sitting in a cafe in Cambodia, charging up my laptop while I blog and design letterhead.

In a greater sense, a number of new words now apply to me, none of them necessarily flattering: unemployed, unattached, pushing-30, searching, wandering. As a life-long overachiever I’m not accustomed to describing myself this way, so I looked for some euphemism that I could decorate with a positive spin.

At first…

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